Rapid development of tablet computers shows a sharp increase in demand

With the popularity of tablet PCs represented by the Apple iPad in 2011, wide viewing angle display technology has also been widely used. According to DisplaySearch, due to the rapid growth of tablet PCs and smart phones, and users are often used to watch and share videos or other content, the demand for wide viewing angles continues to increase. The two most common techniques used for the wide viewing angle of the Mobile PC are IPS (in-plane switching) and FFS (fringe-field switching). Based on the NPD DisplaySearch Quarterly Wide Angle Technology Shipment and Forecast Database, the penetration rate of IPS/FFS LCD panels in mobile computing devices (including laptops, tablets, and notebooks) will be 2011. The 11% is expected to reach 20% in 2014.

In the LCD TV market, wide viewing angle has been one of the major selling points, with the penetration rate of IPS/FFS LCD panels reaching 31% in 2011. In the desktop display market, IPS/FFS panels have traditionally been used in some special applications, such as medical devices, with a penetration rate of 7% in 2011, and NPD DisplaySearch predicts that this figure will rise to 25% in 2015, mainly because of IPS. LG Display, the leading manufacturer of panels, plans to make the IPS a standard for desktop monitor panels.

In the small-to-medium size panel market, IPS/FFS LCD panels continue to be used in smart phones, digital cameras, car monitors, camcorders, and tablet computers. Because these applications require high image quality to display photos and videos. Therefore, NPD DisplaySearch expects the penetration of IPS/FFS in these markets will continue to increase.

LG Display is a leading provider of wide-angle LCDs, with more than 80% of 9.1-inch and above IPS/FFS panels being supplied, followed by Panasonic LCDs. At present, TV is the main application, and LGD gradually introduces AH-IPS technology on the display in the following years. After LGD, Samsung and several Taiwanese manufacturers also wanted to apply IPS LCDs to monitors, while BOE adopted FFS technology on monitors. In 2011, 32-inch FFS TV panels began shipping. It is expected that the penetration of IPS/FFS in the TV market will continue to grow in the coming years.

In terms of small and medium size, LGD is also a major producer of IPS panels, with a market share of nearly 25% in shipments of panels below 9 inches. Hitachi, Sony, and Toshiba also all have a certain ratio in the market. This time, when these Japanese companies merged into one panel manufacturer, Japan Display, they will become the largest supplier of small and medium sized IPS/FFS panels.

IPS panels were originally produced by LG Display and Panasonic LCD in six generations or larger generations, mainly for televisions. To meet the increasing demand for panel panels with wide viewing angles, IPS/FFS panels are now being converted from six generations to eight generations, such as LGD and Sharp. Panasonic LCD may sell its sixth-generation line to Japan Display, which has a great opportunity to transfer IPS/FFS production capacity from large-size panels to small and medium-sized panels.

The wide application of liquid crystal displays with wide viewing angles in laptops, monitors, and televisions has led to an increase in market demand. NPD DisplaySearch's quarterly wide-view technology report traces current and forecast wide-view trends, production and demand. This report covers four broad viewing angle technologies: TN, TN+WVF (Wide View Film), IPS/FFS, and VA. It also includes all dimensions and applications of all panel markets.

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