Intel will launch next-generation tablet platform in the fourth quarter of next year

We have learned that Intel plans to launch the Medfield platform in the second quarter of next year and the Clover Trai-W platform in the fourth quarter of next year.

Intel plans to launch an x86 architecture platform for ultra-thin Android tablets in the second quarter of next year, code-named "Medfield." . Based on this, the Tablet PC will be able to run the Android 4.0 operating system codenamed "Ice Cream Sandwich".

Intel will then launch the more powerful Clover Trai-W platform in the fourth quarter of 2012. Currently, Intel's Oak Trail platform consists of an Atom Z670 processor and an SM35 chipset that drives Windows 7 or Android Hive Tablets.

The fundamental difference between the Medfield and Clover Trai-W platforms and their predecessor Oak Trail platforms is Medfield's ultra-slim design for long battery life tablet PCs. Currently, only ARM processors can provide such high performance per watt. To achieve ultra-thin design long battery life Tablet PC products.

The Clover Trai-W platform targets the higher performance ultra-thin tablet PCs and is optimized for Microsoft's next-generation Windows 8 operating system.

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