Four major mistakes in home lighting should pay attention

Lighting is an indispensable part of our lives. Home lighting not only brings us a bright indoor environment, but also can be decorated with different indoor areas to create a variety of home styles through different combinations.

Users of different lighting needs can achieve diversified lighting effects through the cooperation of different lamps. Even the opening and closing of different lamps can create individualized lighting, adding warmth and fun to life.

However, such an important lighting is not simply lit or good-looking. There are some misunderstandings in the home lighting. If the lighting is arranged according to the lighting effect, not only will the power and lamps be wasted, but even our life will be affected. These misunderstandings should also be avoided when setting up the lamps.

Next, do some analysis on the common home lighting misunderstandings. I hope that you can gain something after reading, make reasonable arrangements for your home lighting, and create a comfortable lighting environment.

Myth 1: Home lighting is too bright or too low

The brightness of the indoor lighting directly determines the indoor lighting environment. We all know that a dark environment is not conducive to us to identify objects and the environment, but too bright lighting will affect our lives.

Some people like to create a bright feeling in the interior, use a lot of lamps to provide a very bright environment, and some users like the low-key feeling, the indoor light only provides low-intensity lighting, these practices will be ours It is not advisable for the eye muscles to bring stress and cause visual fatigue.

For home lighting, the brightness required for different functional areas is different. The living room needs to accommodate guests in a holistic and bright environment; the study provides a bright environment for reading; the restaurant illuminates the dining environment, which requires a high level of brightness.

The main function of the bedroom is to provide rest, and the brightness should not be too high, which can create a more suitable environment for rest. Kitchens and bathrooms are less demanding on lighting, and can be illuminated with lamps that are softer in brightness.

In addition, it should be noted that although different spaces are suitable for different brightness, different rooms should not have too much light and dark changes. When our line of sight switches between different brightnesses, the eye muscles need to be adjusted to adapt to the environment, and the big light and dark changes. It is easy to cause visual fatigue. This way we will not feel uncomfortable when entering different rooms.

Overall, the brightness of indoor lighting should be kept soft and even, providing high brightness in the living room, study and dining room, while in the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom provide lower brightness, different brightness does not have a big difference, so We can create suitable lighting that does not waste energy.

Myth 2: Excessive use of warm light in the home environment

The lighting used in indoor lighting is different, and it also brings a completely different lighting environment. Generally, the yellowish light is warm light, which can bring us a warm and comfortable lighting environment. The blue light is cold light, which can help us concentrate and improve our attention.

Many users believe that the home environment is mainly a space for rest and entertainment, and it is necessary to use warm light to create a warm environment. In fact, this is not appropriate. Warm color light can provide us with a warmer lighting environment, but its color temperature is low, which is not conducive to learning and reading, so you can not use too much warm light.

Depending on the function used, the color of the interior space is not the same. The living room, study and kitchen need light to concentrate, and neutral white light is more suitable, while the bedroom and bathroom need to provide a comfortable environment for our rest, and warm light is more suitable.

When choosing a luminaire, we should pay attention to whether the color of the light on the package is cool or warm, so that we can use it reasonably in the home environment. The user can also identify the product according to the color temperature value of the luminaire. The color temperature is below 3300K for warm color. 3300K-5300K is neutral white, and 5300K or more is cold light. If there is no color temperature or light color on the package of the light source, try not to buy it.

Myth 3: The contrast between light and dark and color is too strong

Speaking of the contrast of the indoor environment is too strong, many people know that the lighting environment in different rooms should not have too much contrast, but even in the same room, there are strong misunderstandings of lighting, which is easy to cause us to ignore.

In the living room of the modern home, the TV wall will be designed. Some families will install spotlights on the side of the TV wall. When watching TV at night, they only turn on the spotlights to pursue visual effects, but this will bring the contrast between the TV wall and the surrounding environment. It will affect the visual experience for a long time.

Some users turn off the main lighting when reading a book to the illumination of the desk lamp, which is considered to save power. Although it can save electricity, it is more likely to cause increased visual fatigue, which affects its vision health. It will cause a strong contrast between desktop brightness and ambient brightness, which can easily cause visual fatigue, but it will not be worth the candle.

Setting a table lamp in the bedroom can make it easier for us to get up at night, or we can read a book comfortably in bed or use a mobile phone, but the brightness of the table lamp is not too high, so there will be no glare at night, and there is also a rest for us. Important role. A desk lamp with brightness adjustment can be selected, which is more suitable for use in the bedroom.

On the whole, no matter whether it is a large indoor environment or a space, there should be no obvious contrast between the dark and the dark. In the long run, uniform illumination is an important part of a comfortable environment.

Misunderstanding 4: too much color in pursuit of effect

Different colors of light can reflect the personality and aesthetics of the owner, and can also create different home environments. However, too many colors tend to be counterproductive, not only do not have a distinct personality, but also make us feel uncomfortable in such a lighting environment.

Some families prefer colorful feelings when choosing lamps, or install multi-color lamps indoors in order to pursue high-end atmosphere effects, and can illuminate the interior into a colorful environment when needed. Although it may seem very luxurious, in actual use, the messy light color has an impact on our vision, it will also affect our normal life, and it is easy to produce light pollution.

In fact, as long as the color in the home environment has a main color, the color does not need to be too much, and there is no need to arrange the lamps and lanterns. The color and color temperature of different rooms should also be coordinated.

In general, there are various misunderstandings in the arrangement of home lighting, which needs our careful arrangement to avoid. As long as you follow the scientific and reasonable settings, you can let the lamps illuminate our healthy and comfortable life and add lustre to our home environment.

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