Guoxing Optoelectronics Introduces Outdoor Full Color Surface Mount LED3535 Series

Guoxing Optoelectronics' latest LOONG outdoor full-color surface mount LED3535 series has attracted the attention of visitors.

The "Nine Dragons" series products are more innovative than the traditional N3535 products, and Guoxing Optoelectronics has applied for a patent (201120457073.5). The product has four major advantages and three major characteristics, namely:

1, high contrast: the surface is black, the contrast is better than the ordinary in-line LED;
2, mixing light evenly: automatic equipment mixing light, completely change the shortcomings of in-line LED is not easy to mix light;
3, good heat dissipation: each chip has an independent heat conduction path, the heat is no longer concentrated in the lamp body;
4, strong automation: can meet the production needs of ordinary placement machine, reduce production costs and shorten the production cycle.

Three major characteristics:

1. Compact design, creating the P5 era of outdoor full color display;
2, the optimal high cup short foot proportion design, suitable for potting treatment without affecting the mask design.
The product is 2.8mm high, the pin height is 1.2mm, and the mask thickness is 1.5mm.

3, unique waterproof design, multiple protection to block water vapor from seeping into the lamp body.

The product is equipped with a waterproof platform, and raises the position of the chip. It is difficult for rainwater to enter the LED inside, effectively protecting the chip; it can pass multiple high-pressure steam experiments (test conditions: 121°C/0.2Mpa/8hrs/1cycle)

The products are mainly used in semi-outdoor, outdoor display, lighting decoration, etc. It not only dresses up the dark night, but also conveys information during the bright day.

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