Lumileds develops automotive lighting LED technology

January 11, 2011 - Based on an analysis of the current automotive LED market, and given that Philips Lumileds is becoming the driving force behind the development of the global automotive industry in lighting technology, Frost & Sullivan, a world-renowned brand consulting and market research company Sullivan granted it the "2010 Frost & Sullivan Global Technology Innovation Award of the Year".

Compared with halogen lamps, high-intensity gas discharge lamps, and incandescent lighting systems, LEDs provide owners with enhanced functionality. One of the first benefits is unlimited service life - unlike tungsten bulbs, consumers never need to replace them unless the vehicle is hit by a crash. The most attractive feature is not limited to this. The ability of LEDs to change the color and brightness of light provides greater flexibility for automotive designers in developing vehicle value-added features (automotive scene lighting systems).

Currently, there are only three companies in the world that have the technical capabilities to produce automotive grade LEDs and meet the stringent requirements of automotive manufacturers and their automotive lighting suppliers. One of the three, Philips Lumileds, has contributed the most to the development of LEDs for motorists and the global automotive industry. The company has two main LED product lines for automotive lighting: the LUXEON product line is designed for high-power headlamps and coaster lights; the SnapLED and SuperFlux product lines are based on red, and orange and amber LEDs are used for taillights and signal indication.

"The main difference between Philips Lumileds and its main competitors is its thin film flip chip (TFFC) technology, which improves heat treatment capabilities, and Lumiramic fluorescence technology, which improves light quality." Stephen Spivey, Head of Frost & Sullivan Projects, said: “This is also the most significant representative advantage compared to the other two major competitors, especially the lighting of the front of the vehicle that challenges the headlight designer the most.”

Film flip-chip (TFFC) technology allows Philips Lumileds products to deliver higher luminous efficacy with lower thermal resistance than their competitors. At the same time, Thin Film Flip Chip (TFFC) also supports the company's proprietary Lumiramic fluorescence technology that improves the color control properties of LEDs. Because these leading lighting technologies are more suitable for the requirements of automobile manufacturers and their suppliers, vehicle functionality is greatly improved.

“Philips Lumileds is also a market leader in reducing the cost of LED technology,” Spivey said. “This is very important because, depending on the application, the cost of LEDs is still 2.5 to 10 times higher than that of halogen-based incandescent lighting. The LED suppliers must The ability to prove its costly plausibility to its OEMs and consumers can drive adoption of LED lighting.”

As technology improves and leans, Philips Lumileds has increased the lumens purchased by its customers and has played a positive role in increasing customer value. At the same time, it also provides support including drivers, support materials, engineering services, and program management to help customers integrate the technology they provide. Philips Lumileds maintains the technical quality specifications required by the automotive industry at all its factory manufacturing facilities. These standards exceed the standards of LEDs in other industries. Therefore, even non-automotive LEDs can provide excellent quality and performance.

In short, the existing product line of Philips Lumileds provides a clear path for the development of automotive lighting systems for car manufacturers and car light manufacturers. The development of automotive lighting systems will help automakers to attract customers to their brands at the lowest possible cost.

"By 2020, including applications in the global automotive industry, the benefits of LED lighting will surpass all other lighting technologies," Spivey asserted, "taking into account the enhanced technology of Philips Lumileds and manufacturers of car manufacturers and headlights across the globe. The partnership will lead the company to become a leader in promoting LED adoption in the automotive industry, so that Philips Lumileds has successfully differentiated itself in the difficult global market and effectively developed its LED lighting system for automotive markets. Potential, Frost & Sullivan is proud to award Philips Lumileds' “2010 Global Technology Innovation of the Year Award.” Every year, Frost & Sullivan awards this award for its uniqueness in the development of technology and its uniqueness to its new products and applications. Companies with significant impact on functionality and customer value.The award was created to honor the outstanding innovations of industry.

Frost & Sullivan's Best Practice Awards honor companies that have demonstrated outstanding achievements and outstanding performance in leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development across geographical and global markets. In order to identify these industry best practices, the company's professional analysts will compare the various market participants and assess their performance through in-depth interviews, analysis and extensive secondary surveys.

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