3M develops virtual LED lighting technology or triggers a revolution in indoor lighting technology

3M is developing a lighting technology called "virtual LED." This technology uses a precision-designed 3M reflective coating that provides a wide range of illumination with a low-energy LED bulb. Some commentators believe that this technology has the potential to trigger a revolution in indoor lighting technology.

The "virtual LED" technology developed by 3M and designer Todd Bracher uses only one LED bulb to illuminate a large area by illuminating a series of fixed reflectors. These reflectors use a special 3M film that reflects more than 98% of incident light. In addition, 3M has specially designed directional reflection to reflect light from one reflector to another. Thus, in the case of only one hidden light source, the user appears to be the series of light-emitting of these reflectors.

Of course, a single LED produces limited light energy, so it can't be used to provide enough illumination for the entire room to perform delicate surgery, but the advantage is that only a handful of LED bulbs can be used with the reflectors that cover the walls. Provides amazing amounts of light with minimal energy consumption.

Todd Bracher is currently working on the project, and the engineering team's top priority is to reduce the cost of coating. This technology is expected to be put into mass production in a few years, and it is hopeful to change our indoor lighting.

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