Optical Q2 capacity is fully loaded into MOCVD to expand production

Benefiting from the order of the stage lights, the production capacity of the second quarter of the company continued to be fully loaded, driving the monthly revenue in April and May to a new high. In order to cope with the shortage of products, we bought a second-hand MOCVD machine. According to Guangxun, the machine is mainly engaged in the production of red and yellow LED chips. It is expected to start mass production in the fourth quarter.

This year, the company also added infrared light chips for security control equipment. In addition to the strong market demand for this product, the unit price of products is also high, which is also the main kinetic energy for the growth of Guangluo's revenue. The blue-green LED chip part is mainly supplied to white LED chip products (blue LED die plus phosphor), which is applied to general LED lighting. Recently, this product is still affected by the large increase in production capacity in the mainland market. Very large, the purpose of the light single is to maintain capacity utilization, but there is no expansion plan in the near future.

The company said that there are 14 MOCVD machines in operation, including 2 red and yellow (quaternary LED) and 12 blue and green lights. In the second quarter, the 15th machine was purchased to produce red and yellow LEDs. The chip is the main one. At present, the monthly production capacity of red and yellow LED die machines is 4,500 pieces. It is estimated that after the new machine (in 2 inches) will join the ranks, it will increase the production capacity by 45% to 6000 pieces per month, while the blue-green light is short-term. There is no expansion plan in the industry, and the monthly production capacity is still maintained at 25,000.

Guangxu's total revenue from April to May has reached NT$293 million, which is 99% of the water level of 296 million yuan in the first quarter. Even if the revenue in June is no longer high, it is not far from the performance in the previous two months. The overall second quarter revenue will increase by 45~50% compared with the first quarter; while the third quarter will benefit from landscape lighting and outdoor billboard season, which will continue to support the quarter's revenue performance, but due to both seasons It is full capacity performance, so the space for the quarter is not large. It is estimated that the third quarter revenue will remain the same as the second quarter.

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