US Report predicts that LED prices will decline by half by 2020

A recent report issued by the U.S. Department of Energy confirms that LED is actually the greenest light bulb on the market. In terms of life span, CFL is gradually surpassed and completely outperforms incandescent lamps in efficiency. LEDs have the ability to reduce home lighting costs and develop a safer production process. In addition, in addition to these obvious advantages, LED will become the mainstream lighting products.

The higher prices have been the roadblocks that LED manufacturers want to win in the fierce competition. However, according to a newly released industry report, in the next eight and a half years, shifting the focus from packaging efficiency to technology innovation will help reduce the cost of LEDs.

According to the research of Lux Research, currently, the focus is shifting from packaging to peripheral systems. Experts predict that in 2020, innovations in thermal management, drivers, and optical components will help reduce the price of led lamps. 11.06 U.S. dollars. In order to reach a conclusion, the researchers studied the major cost factors of LED lamps with the same power as incandescent lamps of 60 watts, and also studied the available technologies for accelerating cost reduction.

They found that active thermal management technologies such as Nuventix's SynJet currently used in research and development can reduce the cost of aluminum-based solutions; innovations in more efficient dim drives can attract new customers and save 1% Cost; The preparation of new secondary optics improves beam shape and collects light emitted by primary optics, which can further reduce the overall cost of LED 5%.

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