DOE first released road lighting GATEWAY report

Recently, the US Energy Agency released the first GATEWAY report based on a residential road in Portland, Midwest. The road name is NE Cully Boulevard. Six different types of street lamps are installed, namely three LED lamps, one induction lamp, one ceramic metal halide lamp, and one high-pressure sodium lamp. The high-pressure sodium lamp is a benchmark. The important results are as follows:

1. The performance of the installed products is not uniform, but the replacement lamps usually have higher energy efficiency, better light distribution and better light color than the replaced high pressure sodium lamps.

2, some alternative lights can not guarantee sufficient illumination of motor vehicles, bicycle lanes and sidewalks, light failure problems may even lead to products that do not meet design standards.

3. Due to the small scale of the demonstration project and the small number of lamps purchased, the calculated return on investment is as short as 17.3 years (Cooper's LED). According to the conventional large purchase price, the investment return period is shortened to 10 year.

4. The luminaires installed in the demonstration project are equipped with a network control system. Comparing the recorded electricity consumption with the electricity consumption measured by the site and the expected electricity consumption submitted by the manufacturer, it is found that most of the electricity values ​​are in line with the expected height. However, one of the LED lights is obviously low, and low power consumption is of course a good thing, but the accuracy of the reported value is more important. The tariffs on utilities are related to the rated power.

Figure: Light distribution of six lamps

A: Philips (LED)

B: GE (induction lamp)

C: Cooper (LED)


E: Philips (ceramic metal halide lamp)

F: GE (high pressure sodium lamp)

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