Hidden danger? Air conditioning and maintenance have to say those things


With the ever-changing life and gradual improvement of living standards, household appliances have been popularized to millions of households. Everyday we live, eat and live, all related to home appliances. Air-conditioner, as a large appliance, has entered more of our lives in recent years as home appliances to the countryside and Huimin subsidy have been promoted. This coincided with the use of air conditioners and the busy season of buying air conditioners. The correct and safe use and maintenance of air-conditioning has become a friend of many people. Focus on topics.

The news of fire caused by air conditioning is not uncommon. In daily life, only the correct and effective use of air conditioning can enable it to serve us and serve consumers. So how to properly maintain air conditioning? How to stay away from home appliance use? How can we eliminate dangerous hazards?

Today, the author brings you all the things that air conditioning maintenance has to say, and provide correct maintenance references for friends who are using air conditioners at home.

Air conditioning cleaning thousand yuan electricity According to estimates: a 1.5 horsepower air conditioner, if not regular cleaning, after two years of use, its dirt thickness will reach 0.25 mm, energy consumption will increase by about 30%, if used every day for 8 hours, use every year In 5 months, the electricity fee is 0.6 yuan/kWh, and the electricity cost for one year is 1.5 x 8 x 30 x 5 x 0.6 x 0.3 = 324 yuan. The average family has 3 air conditioners, which can save nearly 1,000 yuan in electricity after cleaning. "You Believe it or not I don't know, anyway, I believe!

1. The air filter in the air conditioner indoor unit is generally used under normal use conditions and the use period is 6 months.

2. If the air conditioner is used infrequently, the use environment is better. The air has a high degree of cleanliness. As long as the surface of the air filter is not seriously discolored (grey-brown), the air filter can be taken out in the sun for 2 hours. The dust can be reused after cleaning with a brush (cannot be washed with water).

Temperature control is not limited Liuxi 1.5P inverter air conditioner first test

Family maintenance is not limited to filter cleaning. Even if some users are aware of the importance of air conditioning maintenance, due to the lack of professional knowledge, they generally can only wash the filter screen according to the description of the instructions, and then wipe the machine panel to remove the machine. Cover the hood. This practice, in the words of professionals, is "a bit of water, little effect." Because the fins of air conditioners are the hardest hit areas for filth, the residents in this area are difficult to clean thoroughly, and special cleaning products can be completely removed.

Hidden danger? Air conditioning and maintenance have to say those things

How to clean up after daily use?

When cleaning the panel, be careful not to use too much force. If the dirt is heavy, you can use a neutral detergent diluted in water. Twist out the water in the cloth and then wipe it. After cleaning, thoroughly clean the detergent on the cabinet.

Clean the filter to prevent dust accumulation from affecting the next use. If the filter is dirty, use water or a neutral detergent to wash it, but do not use hot water or detergent above 50°C, benzine, and other strong bases or acidic liquids to avoid deformation.

Do not pay attention to maintenance threats to health First, after long-term use of air conditioning filters will be backlog of dust, if not cleaned in time, excessive dust, it will backlog filter, causing congestion, air conditioning lost the role of adjusting the temperature, but also easy to damage, time There will be fire hazards after a long time.

Due to the special working methods of air-conditioning - dust, dirt, bacteria, etc., accumulate in the air-conditioning, not only affect the cooling of air-conditioning, but also contribute to the breeding of locusts, contaminate the air in the entire room, spread diseases. According to statistics, Legionella, aphids, and E. coli that are hidden in the air-conditioner can cause people to unknowingly suffer from serious respiratory diseases, skin diseases, headaches, and dizziness that threaten the health of the family.

Experts advise that it is advisable to wash once every 1 to 2 months or at least twice a year. It can effectively remove all kinds of dirt on the air conditioner evaporator, remove the pollutants in the air conditioner, the odor in the air, and automatically disperse the solid dust on the air conditioner. At the same time, regular cleaning can keep the indoor air clean and safe, so that we can use it more healthily.

The air-conditioning switch also has the right and the wrong distinction. Do not start and stop the air conditioner frequently because the room temperature has reached the required value or higher than the required value. Instead, the air conditioner should be controlled to start and stop through the temperature controller. Turn off the power when the air conditioner is not in use, and unplug the power plug.

* The air conditioner is stopped for any reason (such as sudden power cut, artificial shutdown, etc.).

Since the general air conditioners are equipped with a time delay device (delay time of about 3min), this type of air conditioner can be turned on immediately after shutdown, but it will take 3 minutes to operate. However, for air conditioners without time delay, it is not possible to turn on the air conditioner immediately after shutting down. Be sure to wait for about 3 minutes before turning on the air conditioner again. Otherwise, the starting current may be too large, the fuse may be burned, or even the compressor motor may be burned.

* Taking the cooling condition as an example, the following two conditions may occur after the air conditioner is turned on:

First, the air conditioner compressor starts and stops frequently, while the indoor temperature does not fall down;

Second, the indoor temperature is already too low, and the air conditioner compressor does not stop running. This may be because the thermostat's temperature setting is incorrect (too high or too low). The temperature setting value should be properly adjusted so that the indoor temperature reaches the required value, so as to avoid the frequent start-stop of the air conditioner compressor or excessive deviation of the room temperature.

* After starting operation, the cooling (heating) amount of the air conditioner can be adjusted by adjusting the air volume switch as needed.

The regulation of the cooling (heating) amount of the general air conditioner is achieved by changing the air volume (the inverter type air conditioner regulates the compressor rotation speed). Window type air conditioners are generally provided with a strong cold and weak cold or strong heat and weak heat knob, the knob is set to strong cold (hot) or weak cold (hot), in fact, adjust the air volume is high or low air volume. Remote controls used in split-type air conditioners are generally provided with high, medium and low wind speeds for selection. According to the indoor temperature requirements, the purpose of adjusting cooling or heating can be achieved by adjusting the air speed of the air conditioner.

Whether it is manual switch or remote control operation, the operation of the air conditioner is basically as follows:

* According to air conditioning requirements and use requirements, select the air conditioner's operating mode, such as cooling, heating, dehumidification or ventilation. Just press the operating mode selection button on the air conditioner to select.

* Set the temperature, adjust the temperature of the temperature regulator. In general cooling operation, the temperature range is set at 20-30°C. During heating operation, the temperature value is set in the range of 14 to 27°C. The set temperature value refers to the return air temperature or room temperature of the air conditioner. In order to check whether the compressor can run, the set value during cooling should be lower than the indoor temperature at that time, and the heating should be higher than the indoor temperature at that time. After the air conditioner is turned on, it can determine whether the compressor can operate normally.

* After completing the above operations, turn on the air conditioner and the air conditioner can operate normally according to the selected operation mode.

Causes of fire caused by improper use of air-conditioner and catastrophic air-conditioner:

1. The air conditioner is energized instantaneously after the power is turned off. At this time, the internal pressure of the compressor is very large, which makes it difficult for the motor to start and causes a large current to cause the circuit to catch fire.

2. When an electric heating/cooling type air conditioner generates heat, it suddenly stops or stops power supply. At the same time, the electric heating wire and the fan motor are cut off or the fan fails, and the residual heat of the electric heating element accumulates, so that the surrounding temperature rises and a fire is caused.

3. The capacitor heats up and gets wet, the leakage current increases, the insulation performance decreases, breakdown failure occurs, and the flammable material inside the igniter ignites the fire.

4. The axial flow or centrifugal fan is stuck due to a mechanical failure and the temperature of the fan motor rises, resulting in overheating and short circuit fire.

5. When installing, connect the air conditioner directly to the power circuit without a fuse.

For the cause of the fire caused by the air conditioner, the following measures can be taken separately:

1. The best direction to install the air conditioner is north, followed by the east. The air conditioner should not be installed above the door, because it will speed up the inflow of hot air when the door is opened. The air conditioner can be installed facing the door so that the indoor air pressure resists the influx of hot outdoor air.

2. The height, direction, and position of the air-conditioner must be conducive to air circulation and heat dissipation, and attention should be paid to maintaining a certain distance from the combustibles such as curtains. When the air conditioner is in operation, avoid getting too close to other items.

3. In case of a sudden power failure, unplug the power plug and wait for a few minutes after turning on the power. Air conditioners must use special power outlets and lines, and they must not be used with lighting or other household appliances. Wire carrying capacity and meter capacity should be sufficient, plug and electrical components should be close contact.

4. The air-conditioner should be equipped with a one-time fuse protector to prevent the temperature rise caused by the breakdown of the capacitor and cause a fire. It is required that the fuse capacity should be appropriate and wire and copper wire should not be used instead.

5. Air conditioners should be regularly maintained, regular cleaning of the condenser, evaporator, filter, heat exchanger, wipe dust, prevent radiator plug, avoid fire hazards.

Do not use air conditioners for better results. Do not try to use air conditioners at low temperatures. Set the temperature appropriately. Because the air conditioner is cooling, set the temperature 2 °C high, you can save 20%. For those who sit still or are working lightly, the acceptable temperature in the room is generally between 27°C and 28°C.

Second, the filter should be cleaned frequently. Too much dust can clog the mesh, making the air-conditioning more difficult.

Third, improve the maintenance structure of the room. For some rooms with poor door and window structure and large gaps, some emergency improvements can be made; for example, the window seams are sealed with glue tape, and a layer of transparent plastic film is applied outside the glass window, and shade curtains are used. Indoor wall stickers Wooden or plastic panels are painted white outside the walls to reduce the loss of cooling air through the exterior walls.

Fourth, select the air conditioner with moderate cooling power. An air conditioner with insufficient cooling power not only fails to provide sufficient cooling effect, but also shortens the service life of the air conditioner due to continuous operation for a long time, and increases the possibility that the air conditioner will cause a malfunction. In addition, if the cooling power of the air conditioner is too large, the thermostat of the air conditioner will be switched too frequently, resulting in increased wear of the air conditioner compressor; at the same time, the air conditioner power consumption will also increase.

Fifth, avoid direct sunlight. In summer, direct sunlight is blocked, saving about 5%.

6. When the air-conditioning is cooling, the position of the air deflector is adjusted to the horizontal direction, and the cooling effect will be better.

7. The air-conditioning piping connecting the indoor unit and the outdoor unit is short and does not bend, and the cooling effect is good and does not require electricity. Even if it is necessary to bend, you must keep the piping in a horizontal position.

Eight, keep the outlet smooth. Do not pile up pieces of furniture to block heat and increase unnecessary power consumption. What is most noteworthy is that air-conditioning provinces do not save energy, depending on the energy efficiency ratio of each air conditioner, and the higher the energy efficiency ratio, the more energy-efficient.

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