NEXCOM launches VTC 7110 series of vehicle terminals

21ic News NEXCOM's latest VTC 7110 series vehicle terminals, including VTC 7110-B, VTC 7110-D1, and VTC 7110-C4, are designed to ensure that all mobile users are "always connected". Based on the 2nd generation Intel® CoreTM i7 2610UE processor, the VTC 7110 series offers a variety of more advanced features and is the perfect choice for automotive applications. Unparalleled computing performance and superior graphics performance make the platform suitable for most automotive environments. Flexible I/O expansion, the series is widely used in heavy-duty vehicles and mobile video surveillance. The VTC 7110 vehicle terminal series combines computing performance, seamless mobility, remote management, flexible expansion and superb product reliability.

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The VTC 7110 series is a high-performance in-vehicle terminal based on the 2nd generation Intel® CoreTM i7 2610UE 1.5GHz processor from NEXCOM. The optional features relative to most in-vehicle terminals are also included in the VTC 7110 standard. Supports dual SIM card slots, SMS/RTC wake-up and 2 mini-PCIe slots for maximum mobility. This series allows users to install 3.5G and Wi-Fi modules or two 3.5G modules. The VTC 7110-B is configured with an external SATA HDD and Cfast slot as a fast storage unit replacement and two LAN ports as a network connection backup.


In addition, the VTC 7110-D1 has 8 inputs and 8 output channels, 16 GPIO channels. Supports isolated RS-232 and RS-422/485 interfaces, CAN bus protocol SAE J1939/1708. Particularly suitable for fleet management, the VTC 7110-D1 eliminates a variety of problems caused by surge voltage/current, establishes a reliable in-vehicle communication network, and facilitates on-board subsystem monitoring.

The other variant, the VTC 7110-C4, supports four Power over Ethernet, combined with signal transmission and power, and the on-board terminal reduces cabling and simplifies system deployment. Ethernet-based devices support the 802.3af protocol, such as high-resolution IP cameras, and can be directly connected to the VTC 7110-C4, requiring only one Ethernet cable. The VTC 7110-C4's two hot-swappable SSDs are available as data disks and Cfast system disks, making them the best choice for mobile video surveillance.

Key Features • 2nd Generation Intel® CoreTM i7 2610UE 1.5GHz processor • 2 Ethernet LAN ports • Optional SAE J1939 or J1708 port • Optional 4-way PoE
• Optional isolated digital input and output • Movable 2.5" SSD
• 9~36V wide voltage DC power input • Intelligent power engine function, delay and low voltage protection • Robust fanless design, MIL-810F seismic standard

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