High-power LED explosion-proof lamp research and development points

High-power LED explosion-proof lamp range:
1. Applicable to hazardous areas in Zone 1 and Zone 2 or in areas of Zone 21 and Zone 22, explosive or toxic dust sites;
2. Applicable to IIA, IIB, IIC containing explosive gas or steam environment;
3. Applicable to explosive gas mixing temperature group: T1~T6;
4. It is widely used in dangerous environments such as oil exploitation, oil refining, chemical industry, military industry, marine oil platforms, oil tankers and other dangerous places for work and scene lighting;

High-power LED explosion-proof lamp Features:
1. The lamp housing is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, the surface is sprayed with plastic; and the professional heat dissipation design structure ensures the long-life operation of the LED light source;
2. The exposed fasteners of the lamps are made of high quality stainless steel, equipped with rubber gaskets, reliable sealing, waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosive;
3, built-in rubber parts. Wire sheath. Plastic parts are all resistant to high temperature and anti-flame retardant parts, more safe and reliable;
4. The light source adopts the original imported LED chip of the crystal element, which has the long service life and the luminous efficiency is very high (the company's highest luminous rate is over 120.LM/W), the light is soft, and the earthquake resistance is good;
5, the glass lens uses special tempered glass, high light transmittance; can withstand more than 7J impact resistance, high strength;
6. The lamp is suitable for pipe hanging type, ceiling type, suction wall type, vertical pole type, bracket type, various installation methods;

High-power LED explosion-proof lamp technical parameters:
1. Execution standard: GB3836-2010 (equivalent to IEC60079 and EN series standards)
GB12476 (equivalent to IEC61241 and EN series standards)
2, explosion-proof mark: Ex de IIC T4-T6
Dust explosion-proof mark: DIP A20 TA.T4-T6
3, the shell protection level: IP65
4, anti-corrosion grade: WF2
5, working environment: -20 ° C ~ 40 ° C
6, rated voltage: AC85-260V 47-63Hz
7, the light source illumination angle: 120 °
8, color temperature: 4500 ~ 6500K
9, imaging index: >75
10. Introduction port: G3/4 (applicable cable outer diameter: 9-14mm)

High-power LED explosion-proof lamp light distribution curve

High-power LED explosion-proof light source color temperature contrast

High-power LED explosion-proof lamp use advantages

1. Energy saving: While ensuring the brightness, it can save more than 90% energy compared with traditional white woven lamps; 20W LED lighting brightness is equivalent to 150W-200W incandescent lamps;

Light source use energy saving comparison
Ten-year cost comparison Incandescent lamp Energy saving lamp Led explosion-proof lamp
price 10-15 yuan 15-20 yuan 20-200 yuan
Service life 1000 hours 6000 hours 50000 hours
Electric meter control Rotate quickly Rotate fast Basically not turning
Single cost 10 yuan 15 yuan 20 yuan
power 40w 10w 3w
Ten years of replacement 30 10 1
Daily use 4 hours 4 hours 8 hours
Ten years fee 1840 yuan 237 yuan 88 yuan
2, long life: under normal circumstances, the service life of up to 50,000 hours or more; no maintenance to completely solve the safety hazards of frequent replacement of light bulbs;
3, health and environmental protection: no stroboscopic, no mercury, lead, no ultraviolet light, will not cause harm to the human body, nor will it pollute the environment;
4, strong applicability: using a unique power supply mode, can work normally between AC 100V-265V, and no change in brightness.

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