Meiling refrigerator: Product quality is our lifeline!

As a leading company in the refrigerator industry, Meiling has always been satisfying the needs of consumers with high-quality products and humanized services, and has always been committed to the quality of service. In 2009, on the basis of successfully building a core service provider team and carrying out free maintenance such as free on-site maintenance, Meiling took the lead in the industry to propose “home appliances to the countryside refrigerator, ten years free warranty”, “the refrigerator is not cooled, Meiling is free to give You are waiting for a series of quality service initiatives. Meiling publicly promises to serve the content and practice the quality service concept, which is highly praised by consumers.

According to industry experts, the current market homogenization phenomenon is more serious, and the future competition will eventually be service competition. As the leader of service marketing, Meiling has gained recognition and recognition from consumers in the fierce market competition by creating differentiated services.

Running from the streets, actively spreading Meiling's Shanxi farmers, and chasing happy times, the Anhui journalist Sheng Buxing, who wrote the legend of Meiling quality, went silently in 20 years, and told the Beijing teacher Yuan Yuhua of Meiling story...

Up to now, more than 10,000 quality service experience cards from all over the country have been collected in Meiling. They have been filled out by Meiling users from all over the country, bringing together the experience of Meiling brand and products. The reporter learned that such quality service activities will be carried out every month.

"Mei Ling promises quality service, what am I afraid of?" Guangxi Weideng master Xu Weinian told reporters that on the first day after he bought the Meiling BCD-221CHC refrigerator, he received a return call from Meiling. The nuanced service allowed Master Xu to give a slogan to Meiling at the recent award-winning award ceremony.

An example like Xu Weinian is not uncommon. Shengbu Xing, 77, of Hefei City, Anhui Province, is also a loyal user of Meiling. Since the implementation of the Quality Service Experience Card campaign, Mr. Sheng has put forward many practical and pertinent suggestions for Meiling. “Meiling is a well-known brand that has gone out of Anhui and is favored by consumers all over the country. This activity is more suitable for the needs of the masses. We have more opportunities to communicate with companies."

In fact, since the development of the "quality service" development strategy, Meiling has made "not satisfied with your speech, the discount is not afraid; there are suggestions to give gifts, until the refrigerator gives you; refrigerator does not cool, Meiling free Give it to you; good quality of the refrigerator, experts to witness for you, and so on.

"Meiling quality service experience card is based on the consumer itself, let consumers give opinions and suggestions on product experience, and ensure that the company's product development is centered around the user-centered, product design is fully in line with the user experience." Meiling related person in charge According to the reporter, when consumers purchase Meiling refrigerators, the shopping guides will present a “Quality Service Experience Card” on the spot. Consumers will fill in the “Experience Card” after one month of purchase and feedback to Meiling Headquarters. Review consumer feedback and give different rewards.

In order to ensure that the commitment to consumers' rights and interests is further implemented, during the period of 3-15, Meiling will jointly launch the “Third Quality Service Festival” in conjunction with the theme of Consumer Rights Day 2012 – Consumption and Safety. Meiling "Free Service Month" activity, through the user's home, thoroughly "physical examination" of the refrigerator, while ensuring the safety of consumers, to tell the user about the use, maintenance, preservation of common sense and precautions of the refrigerator, etc., to prevent the safe use of the refrigerator Hidden dangers, truly bring the "quality service" benefit policy to every consumer.

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