Boss kitchen appliances won the "2012 China Finance and Economic Summit" three awards

On June 20th, it was jointly launched by the International Financial Times, China Economic Herald, Wall Street Journal,, Beijing TV, Manager Magazine, Global Business Classic, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and many other domestic and foreign mainstream financial media and authoritative academic institutions. The “2012 China Finance and Economic Summit” hosted was held in Beijing.

It is reported that the summit selected a number of outstanding enterprises in the forefront of China's commercial development, such as COFCO, Hainan Airlines, China Merchants Bank, Haier Group, and Suning Appliance. Among them, the kitchen appliances of China's kitchen appliances lead the kitchen appliances for 33 years. The deep experience accumulated in the field of electric power and the professional image that has been upheld for a long time have successfully won the three awards of “2012 Best Corporate Brand Image”, “2012 (Industry) Annual Influence Enterprise” and “2012 Most Popular Brand of Business Elite”. It became one of the most eye-catching highlights of the summit, and it is also the only brand in the kitchen appliance industry that includes three major awards.

As China's annual financial and economic event, this year's China Financial Summit will be the theme of “Going China Power”, focusing on the development of Chinese business since the reform and opening up and the growth path of Chinese enterprises in the economic transformation and transformation. In 2012, for the Chinese economy, it is full of development opportunities, but also faces the test of severe economic situation and complex market environment at home and abroad. The challenges that come with it also touch the nerves of Chinese enterprises. At the crossroads of China's economic transformation and transformation, how can we get out of a road that is suitable for the company's own characteristics and become the topic of concern for entrepreneurs at the summit.

A history of Chinese business development has witnessed every step of the growth of Chinese companies. State-owned enterprises, private enterprises, and foreign-funded enterprises, all kinds of enterprises in the huge potential market in China weave one after another wonderful business story. From the original "marketing products" to the current "marketing brands", Chinese companies have gone through decades of growth, facing a fierce market competition environment, a little less anxiety and anxiety, a few more The calm and calm, but also the realization of their own business philosophy, the boss kitchen appliances is one of them.

Focus on achievement leadership

As a 33-year-old Chinese professional kitchen and electric appliance company, the boss kitchen appliances and the Chinese reform and opening up have the same life, creating a benchmark for the industry. In 2011, in the case that the overall demand for the home appliance industry was not strong, the market was cold, and the terminal sales data declined, the performance of the boss kitchen appliances continued to grow at a high speed. The net profit increased by 39.2% year-on-year, and was evaluated by the securities institutions as “long-term growth. The kitchen electric appliance company, this has injected a strong booster into the kitchen industry.

The boss kitchen appliances always adhere to the brand concept of “exquisite technology and easy cooking”, and have a deep insight into Chinese kitchens and Chinese consumers. In recent years, the boss kitchen appliances have achieved 14 years of sales leading results under the four-wheel drive of “products”, “brands”, “channels” and “services”. In 2011, it launched a series of core technologies such as “Double Core 2.0”, “3D Speed ​​Fire”, “Crystal Light Intracavity”, “Frequency Control” and “touch”, which led the development of the industry and triggered The rapid follow-up of other brands in the industry. At the same time, the kitchen appliances such as the 8212 and 9G80 gas stoves representing the high-end kitchen technology have also been recognized and affirmed by the market. In addition, the boss kitchen appliances vigorously adhere to the construction and improvement of diversified channels, and continue to accelerate the pace of channel diversification under the premise of ensuring the original channel share of KA, department stores and cabinet franchise stores, focusing on online shopping, TV shopping, and fine Emerging channels such as renovation projects and specialty stores have been expanded and achieved gratifying results.

After 33 years of market tempering, the owner's range hood has been ranked first in the country for 14 consecutive years; the boss has won the “Asian Top 500 Brands” list for six consecutive years, ranking first in the Chinese kitchen appliance industry. Since 2008, in the kitchen appliance industry, the market share of other competitive brands has declined. The boss has maintained sustained high-speed growth and stabilized the industry's leading position. Recently, the boss kitchen appliances and the 100 authoritative media launched a large-scale initiative in Beijing to "build a happy home for the world," and received wide attention and approval.

For the boss kitchen appliances won three awards, Wang Gang, vice president of kitchen appliances, said: "As a kitchen appliance company that always pays attention to consumers, the kitchen appliances of the boss always put the customer experience first, through the constant use of kitchen technology. Innovation and upgrade to meet the user's multi-faceted needs for kitchen appliances, and use the boss's superb technology to bring consumers a relaxed cooking experience. At the same time, we also appeal to everyone to return to the kitchen, return to the family, and strengthen communication with family members. The family makes a loved meal to build a more happy home for the world."

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