9 pieces of LED products were selected as "Guangdong Province Indoor Lighting Recommended Purchasing Product Catalogue"

Recently, Guangdong Science and Technology Department released the latest issue of "Guangdong Province Green Lighting Demonstration City Indoor Lighting Recommended Purchasing Product Catalog (B20120407)" (hereinafter referred to as "Recommended Purchasing Catalogue"), Shenzhen Juzuo Lighting Co., Ltd. independently developed and produced LED The 9 LED products of the bulb, LED tube and LED spotlight series were also selected for the recommended procurement catalogue.

According to statistics, a total of 231 products from 51 companies were selected. Among them, Shenzhen Juju Lighting Co., Ltd. has a total of 9 products selected, ranking among the top products in the list of selected companies, becoming a relatively large number of selected products in the recommended procurement catalogue. The company fully embodies the strong core competitiveness of the LED lighting application field.

It is understood that the recommended procurement catalogue is a major initiative of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology in the "Guangdong Province Green Lighting Demonstration City Product Benchmarking Index Research and Implementation" system, aiming to provide a clear procurement guide for green lighting demonstration cities. Products must be based on current system safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements, through average system efficacy, color tolerance, color rendering index, power factor, product manufacturing consistency, color space consistency, light comfort, photobiosafety, Strict testing of ten benchmark indicators such as reliability level assessment and recyclability can be entered into the recommended procurement catalogue after reaching the standard. From the date of publication, the implementation unit of the green lighting demonstration city must adopt the indoor lighting products listed in the “Recommended Purchasing Catalogue” to ensure the quality of the demonstration project. The “Recommended Purchasing Catalogue” has begun to become an important basis for the acceptance of green lighting demonstration city projects. .

Aggregate lighting actively responds to the evaluation of the benchmarking system, including LED bulb series G60K-01 (5.2W), G60K-02 (7W), LED tube series T8C-1201, T8C-1201, 8C-1202, T8C -1203 and spotlight series PAR30C-01 and other products are involved in three major categories of performance indicators, weatherability indicators and reliability indicators, involving the average system light efficiency, average correlated color temperature, color maintenance rate, brightness illuminance And uniformity, accelerated aging test, indoor and outdoor average illuminance maintenance rate, life process IP, color maintenance rate and other test items. According to the test results, the LED bulbs, LED tubes and LED spotlights are superior in performance. In the comparison of peer products, they are in the leading and high-end industries. They are collectively listed as indoor lighting products. Recommended Purchase Catalogue.

With the further promotion of green lighting projects, Guangdong Province has continuously increased the promotion and application of LED indoor lighting products. Products entering the recommended procurement catalogue will be recommended for procurement in the green demonstration city of Guangdong Province, and the government will provide certain subsidies based on the purchase price. The release of the recommended procurement catalogue will strongly promote the construction of a green lighting demonstration city in Guangdong Province. According to industry insiders, this will not only promote the sales of products, but also help to improve the overall image of the company.

“As a high-tech enterprise that insists on leading the international and domestic markets with high-quality LED lighting products, this collection of LED products was also selected as “Guangdong Province Green Lighting Demonstration City Indoor Lighting Recommended Purchasing Product Catalogue”, which is a collection of LED series lighting. The full recognition of the quality and scientific content of the products is also a high recognition of the focus on the promotion of LED lighting.” The relevant person in charge of the gathering said that the work will continue to provide more efficient and better quality LED lighting products. Promote energy conservation and emission reduction and the development of green lighting industry to make greater and more positive contributions.

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