Accumulate and cooperate with Xi'an Nova to launch ultra-dense screen solution

Accumulation Group recently announced that it has cooperated with Xi'an Nova, a mainland China display manufacturer, to launch an ultra-dense screen solution. Designed for ultra-dense screens, the S-PWM chip MBI5152 meets the requirements of small current accuracy, while optimizing the color uniformity of the display to solve common ghosting, low gray unevenness and white balance color shift.

In the second half of the year, the new products will be the main source of growth kinetic energy with high-density products. The legal person is optimistic about the accumulation of the third quarter in the third quarter of the World Football Expo, the operation grows compared with the second quarter, and the fourth In the season, the ultra-dense screen will also be expected to have a low season performance.

Accumulation shows that with the increasingly fierce competition in the LED market, the company can improve its operations in addition to active cost-down, increase the proportion of high-end new products, and provide customer follow-up services (SLA).

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