Crystal Power: Q4 backlight demand rebound

Crystal Power: Q4 backlight demand rebound Recently, the demand for backlight has picked up, and the market is still looking forward to the performance of LED plants. Among them, foreign capital has continuously bought more than 3 trading days, accumulatively exceeding 9,000 in 3 trading days in a single week. Jingdian’s stock price was pulled late on the 18th and ended with a price of 55.9 yuan, setting a new high since the current wave rebounded and breaking the short-, medium-, and long-term moving averages back pressure.

In August, Jingdian’s consolidated revenue was 1.971 billion yuan, a monthly increase of 2.85%, a slight increase of 0.39% over the same period of last year, which was better than the original expected decline. In September, there was a chance to be better than August; Jingdian recently stated that it was the 4th year of last year. The quarter entered the off-season. With the current orders, operations are still not better than the third quarter.

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