How Consumers Pick Qualified LED Bulbs

How Consumers Pick Qualified LED Bulbs With the respect for green energy-saving life, LED bulbs with advantages such as energy-saving and environmental protection, bright light, easy replacement, and long service life have gradually entered the field of vision and become more and more common household consumers' purchase options. However, in the face of a wide variety of LED light bulb products and a chaotic market, how should consumers choose qualified LED light bulbs?

The first step: The product packaging carefully looks at the regular LED bulb products. The product packaging must have indicators such as parameters, manufacturer, origin, and contact information. Through product packaging, consumers can first understand the purchase factors that are most concerned about brightness, light color, energy saving, and service life, so as to correctly select the products that are suitable for them.

The second step: pick up the surface of the bulb to observe After reading the LED bulb product packaging, the next step is to take out the bulb to take a look, touch, shake, measure a test. First look at the appearance of the bulb, its appearance should be overall smooth, even without scratches; Second, touch the bulb surface everywhere, should be smooth, no obvious stinging feeling; Again, shake the bulb, internal There should be no abnormal noise; in the end, it requires the business to light up the LED light bulb in a relatively dark environment and observe its light color and brightness.

The third step: safety and environmental protection Both consider LED bulbs as a type of household appliances, and their safety is a top priority. Therefore, consumers must choose LED products that have obtained the national product quality certification, be sure to check the product's safety certification (such as GB certification and CE certification, etc.).

The fourth step: comprehensive consideration of the needs of Philips Lighting experts believe that each family's space environment is not the same, consumers should choose the appropriate LED light bulb according to the use of the environment, not the brighter the better, nor more expensive it is good.

Household Lighting Led Driver

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Input voltage: 100-277vac / 100-240vac / 100-130vac / 180-240vac / 100-347V
output voltage: 25-40vdc / 27-42vdc / 35-45vdc / 50-70vdc / 12Vdc / 24vdc
current: 100mA-8000mA.
Power factor: >0.9
Dimming:0-10V / PWM / RX / DALI.
>=50000hours, 3-5 years warranty.
certificate: UL CE FCC TUV SAA ect.

indoor lumiure

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Household Lighting Led Driver

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