Yiguang releases RGB LED package products into the Liard display supply chain

Everlight's new RGB LED package, the world's smallest 18-035 full-color SMD package, only 0.5mm x 0.5mm (0505), can be fully applied to ultra-high resolution LED TV, billion light RGB LED packaging products have also entered the display chain manufacturer Liard supply chain. As the resolution of the display screen increases, the market is transferred from the outdoors to the interior, and the display market is gradually expanding.

In 2010, Everlight launched the 1010 RGB package to introduce small-pitch technology into the outdoor display market, which has a poor resolution performance. In 2012, it introduced the 0808 package specification, and in 2013, it pushed the technology to the 0505 package specification again. As the display market moves from the outdoors to the interior, the distance that people see the display is getting closer, and the demand for small-pitch, high-resolution displays continues to increase.

Mainland display manufacturers have gradually introduced small-pitch products into indoor displays. In addition to the mainland's indoor display market, which is currently the main market for manufacturers, the Japanese market, which will host the Olympic Games in 2020, is expected to have a large demand for display screens. Taiwanese manufacturers are also looking at the growth of this wave of display screens. Not only is the packaging factory Yiguang, the upstream chip factory is also expected to introduce flip chip technology into RGB products in the new century, and attack Japan to host Olympic business opportunities.

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