Analysis of the current situation of China's low power LED driver market

Currently part, the small power supply industry generally defined boundary 18W, the power source is applied to substantially downlights, spotlights, floodlights, light field, mainly used in small power bulb, lamp.
The quality of LED driver power determines the life of LED lamps to a large extent, and the profit is high. It has been favored by the public. However, due to the decline in the price of LED lighting products and the increasingly fierce competition in the power industry, the driving power supply Prices are falling sharply.
Especially in the price confusion in the small and medium power supply market, the performance is more prominent. Due to the low barriers to entry, everyone sneaked in, including many lighting companies. This has also caused the current market situation of small and medium power LED driver power supply to be chaotic, and the product is mixed.
Small power drive market pressure increased sharply
Statistics show that there are currently more than 300 LED drive power manufacturers in China, of which more than 90% of the main products are low-power LED drive power. Since the beginning of this year, the government's relevant departments have successively introduced LED indoor lighting subsidy policies, which also played a stimulant for the low-power LED power supply market.
The low-power power supply has a low technical content and the entry threshold is relatively low. More and more companies are hoping to participate in this market, including many traditional power companies, home appliance manufacturers, and LED lighting companies, and expect to gain a share in the LED lighting market.
At present, Leifford, Klik, Tianbao, Jingchen, Huayao Electronics, etc., as representative enterprises of domestic low-power power supply, also have a large share in the small and medium-sized power supply market due to their complete product lines and certain brand awareness.
Domestic traditional home appliance manufacturers, TCL, Skyworth, Great Wall, etc. have all been involved in the low-power LED drive power market. Thanks to the original power supply technology support, this part of the enterprise can quickly get started in the field of LED power supply. As a subsidiary of ZTE, Ruide Electronics has been developing the driving power supply for a full range of LED lamps since 2011. At the beginning, I was also optimistic about the market prospects of LED lighting, and then began to get involved in LED power.

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