Routine maintenance and maintenance of the mouse

Routine maintenance and maintenance of the mouse

Nowadays, many homes use computers. It's essential to have computer accessories, mice and keyboards. One of the keyboard cleanups we all know, but do you know about the cleanup of the mouse?

Now that the optical mouse has the characteristics of simple internal structure, especially for ordinary users, it eliminates the biggest drawback that traditional mechanical mice are difficult to clean, so it can be popularized in a short time.

Although the optical mouse basically eliminates the problems caused by the dust entering the internal structure, in fact, some low-cost, poor-quality optical mice that are not designed and manufactured in a strict manner will still have dirt, which will seriously affect the laser reflection intensity and even cause laser positioning. Inaccurate situations occur.

3D wheel mouse, these pulleys will generally accumulate dirt. Before we clean the inside of the mouse, we must first carefully open the optical mouse and then use a cleaning towel to clean the dirt inside. At the same time, the main object we clean up is the photoreceptor that emits the laser light at the bottom of the mouse. Just use the blowing balloon to suck the dust. After cleaning, the mouse case can be buckled.

Usually we also need to pay attention to the use of the mouse, the daily maintenance of the mouse, it will save the mouse after the clean-up, causing unnecessary trouble!

1. When using an optical mouse, do not allow strong sunlight to shine on the mouse board, otherwise it will cause the sunlight to interfere with the "internal light" of the mouse and cause the mouse to malfunction.

2. We try to use a mouse pad that is suitable for an optical mouse (try the same color as much as possible) and clean it regularly to ensure that your optical mouse has a longer service life.

3. Always keep the computer desk clean to prevent the mechanical mouse's ball from getting stuck.

4. Regardless of whether the mouse's interface is photoelectric or mechanical, the input operation cannot be separated from the button. After using the button for a certain period of time, it is easy to lose its elasticity. Normally, the left key is used much more than the right key, so it is more likely to fail. At this time, although the rest of the mouse is still good, it cannot be used anymore. At this time, you can use the control panel of WINDOWS to reset the left and right mouse buttons, so that the right mouse button can be used instead of the left button. This can extend the life of the mouse button.

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