The foreground of the LED strip

At present, the manufacture of LED strips is mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, especially in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Guangzhou and other places, there are about 100 production companies. Mainly private enterprises. Due to insufficient domestic consumption in the domestic market, market acceptance is not high. Most of its products are mainly exported, while taking into account domestic sales.
Since 2000, due to the rapid development of LED light sources, the light bar market has begun to use LED lights as a light source. The main scope of outdoor decoration, interior decoration, entertainment and some industrial equipment, automotive and other decorative contour edge portions, due to the advantages of the LED technology itself, quickly replace neon, orange white light and other traditional sources, the latter with the increasing of the LED chip technology Mature, LED light source color change is rich, brightness is higher, especially power saving, long service life, environmental protection and other good features, to ensure the excellent performance of LED light strips in the outdoor decorative lighting market.
Driven by relevant national policies, and stimulating the impact of domestic demand and other factors, it can be foreseen that the LED light bar market has a three- to five-year high-speed development period. However, at present, many enterprises are not mature in technology, and when they design products, they enter a misunderstanding and start a price war. Lead to various types of light bar products are not the same. This has led to many problems such as the quality and stability of the product itself. Second, the industry's impression of the light bar products and enterprises has become less and less good. The long-term trend will be very unfavorable for the LED light bar market. In view of this, Hengjiming Company is here to introduce some friends to some light strips and hope to help everyone.
First, the package of LED lights
In the form of package, from the initial in-line 3MM, 5MM, 8MM, 10MM, piranhas. Later development patches 0805, 0603, 1206, and now 3528, 5050 and other TOPLED series. Therefore, LED strips have also evolved from ordinary in-line to 0805 and 0603, 1206, and the hottest 5050 series in the market. It is worth noting that the brightness of the LED light is directly related to the wafer. At present, the chip package has 9MIL, 12MIL, 14MIL and other dimensions. In theory, the larger the chip, the higher the power and brightness, of course, the more expensive the price. At present, many companies on the market use the 5050 package appearance, but actually use the brightness. The relatively low size of the wafer, which results in low prices, but the quality is not good, this is an irresponsible performance for customers.
Second, LED light chip
LED is a complete industrial chain, and upstream of it is the cutting and production of wafer epitaxial wafers, which is also the most technical content of the LED industry. The epitaxial wafers are mainly supplied by Japan, South Korea, and Germany, while the epitaxial wafers of Taiwanese companies are mainly from Japan and South Korea. The best power and light decay are made in Japan, Taiwan’s Guangjia, and wafers. From Japan, the wafers it provides are also well-received in the industry. At present, in addition to providing extensions to the outside world, the Japanese chip factory has begun to cut itself, which will certainly put pressure on Taiwan and mainland chip factories. In the packaging process, it is mainly concentrated in Taiwan and the mainland. Among them, Taiwanese companies are in the world's leading position in the packaging field, and there are a large number of high-quality enterprises such as Yiguang, Qihong, Dongbei and Guangbao. Around 2000, with the advent of Blu-ray chips and white light technology, as well as the expansion of mobile phone, backlight, lighting and other application markets, Taiwan packaging companies ushered in the industrial spring.
Third, the difference between the light strip glue
Among the materials used in waterproof light strips, the current market is more than the use of epoxy resin AB glue 560 series. However, the light strips encapsulated by such glue generally exhibit more bubbles, are easy to break, are not resistant to high temperature and cold weather, and are prone to yellowing and tearing due to long-term use. Therefore, the most complaints from customers are the problems of this type of glue. At present, our company uses silicone glue. Silica gel is a good glue, it is expensive, but it has good transparency. It is folded for 500 times without breaking, tearing resistance, outdoor anti-UV is not easy to yellow, and the surface gloss is excellent. The finished product has excellent low temperature resistance, water resistance and ozone resistance. , acid and alkali resistance, alcohol resistance, arc resistance, UV resistance, cold and heat cycle impact and other properties, fully meet the high performance requirements for indoor and outdoor use.
Fourth, the package of LED light bar
LED strips are divided into LED flexible strips and LED hard strips. The differences are as follows:
1. Flexible LED strips are assembled with FPC and assembled with SMD LEDs . The thickness of the product is only the thickness of one coin, which does not occupy space; the general specifications are 750px long 12 LEDs, 24 LEDs and 1250px long 15 LEDs, 30 LEDs, etc. There are also 1500px, 2000px, etc. Different users have different specifications. And it can be cut at will, or it can be extended at will and the illumination is not affected. FPC is soft and can be bent, folded and wound freely. It can be moved and stretched in three dimensions without breaking. It is suitable for use in irregular places and small spaces, and because it can be bent and wound arbitrarily, it is suitable for arbitrarily combining various patterns in advertising decoration. It is worth noting that the FPC itself is also a variety of materials. The market uses more double-panel FPC made of sub-salt copper. Of course, many companies are also pursuing the decline of material cost, using FPC made of electrolytes. The electrolyte FPC is easily peeled off during the soldering process, which directly leads to the phenomenon of soldering and dead light. In addition, the electrolyte cannot compete with the sulphite copper in terms of conductivity and flexibility.
2. LED hard light strips are assembled with PCB hard boards. LEDs are assembled with patch LEDs. They are also assembled with in-line LEDs. Different components are used depending on the needs. The advantage of the hard light bar is that it is relatively easy to fix, and it is convenient to process and install; the disadvantage is that it cannot be bent freely and is not suitable for irregular places. There are 12 LEDs, 30 LEDs, 36 LEDs, 54 LEDs, etc. for the LED strips for hard light strips. There are 18, 24, 36, 48 and other specifications for the LEDs. There are also front and side, and the side is also called the Great Wall Light Bar.

Silicone Label :

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silicone label

Silicone Label

Silicone Label,Silicone Brand Label,3D Silicone Label,Silicone Sticker,Custom Pin Badge,Silicone Badge

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