LED into office lighting field momentum

LED into office lighting field momentum The pace of LED entry into the office lighting field has just begun. The international giant Philips, with its deep accumulation in the lighting field for more than 100 years, will use office lighting, a high-tech and high value-added market, as a key area of ​​its layout, and will be objectively Drive the development speed of this market segment.

Philips' main market for LED lighting is office lighting, road lighting and landscape lighting, which are mainly based on market environment and maturity considerations. LED lighting has been strongly promoted in the past few years, especially the promotion of road lighting and landscape lighting by the Chinese government. The rapid development of the market is closely related to the Chinese government's initiative in promoting green and energy-saving products. In the past few years, the progress of the office lighting market is relatively slow, which is directly related to the actual application of the energy conservation index and technology level.

If you talk about the market share of LED office lighting, it is still difficult to accurately estimate, but the chance of LED is certainly great. According to Philips' forecast for the global LED lighting market, the global lighting market LED will reach 45% in 2015, which may be higher in China because the Chinese government is more active in promoting the LED industry.

The energy-saving function of the office part of the LED is constantly being played, but because of the semiconductor lighting, the advantages of its semiconductor materials have not been played, which means that more are electronic products, electronic products can be combined with a good, networked, Combining digitalization and other technologies, this is precisely the development trend of the office itself, from paperless to paperless, so this is also a response to the Office's relevant space for play, and the overall development trend of LED and office is close. Philips deployed the office lighting market as a key point.

The office environment is a place that requires a lot of eyes, so the requirements for a healthy and comfortable light environment are also very important. At present, in the promotion of LED lighting, everyone has reached a consensus on energy-saving appeals. Illumination, color temperature, and glare control are issues that need to be considered in the office lighting environment.

LED lighting technology is still in the process of continuous improvement, so it is difficult to say whether it can be applied in office lighting environment. Coupled with the current LED lighting product quality standards are not very accurate, national standards are not clear, the implementation of various standards is not perfect, the product price difference reaches several times or even more than ten times, the industrial competition is relatively disorderly. Compared with Philips's LED products and traditional lighting products, taking into account the power saving and initial investment costs and other factors for a comprehensive consideration, the current LED lighting product investment return period can be up to 2 years. Studies have shown that if the investment return period can exceed 2 years, then it can reach the critical point of market explosion.

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