Energy-saving appliances can not sell ordinary goods

Although the specific operating procedures have not yet come down, but from June 1st, many home appliance manufacturers began to implement home appliances energy subsidies policy to advance subsidies. On the 23rd, the reporter visited a number of home appliances stores in Jinan and discovered that the promotion of household appliances during the small long holiday season was hot, and energy-saving appliances appeared to be somewhat deserted. The public asked more, but not many really bought. Many citizens said that even with subsidies, the price of energy-saving appliances is still too high. The promotion of non-energy-saving appliances is fierce, and the cold energy-saving products are at a small holiday of the Dragon Boat Festival. All home appliances stores have carried out promotional activities. On the 23rd, reporters saw items on various home appliances stores on Quancheng Road. Promotional posters were widely seen. People who came to buy home appliances were in an endless stream. The reporter found that in addition to energy-saving appliances in the promotion, many non-energy-saving appliances have also played a "straight down", "back to the present" signs, but in the end the majority of non-energy-saving appliances are mostly citizens.

A reporter in a store air conditioning area saw a loud voice in the store, many people in the consultation purchase. Almost all brand products are affixed with promotional labels, and some are the words “Energy Saving Products Benefiting the People's Project”. They also specify the amount of subsidies, and some are “Preferential Price××××” and “Send Group Coupons”. .

Mr. Cheng, who was decorating his new home, had bought a three-stage inverter-mounted air conditioner that did not enjoy subsidies after careful comparison, and spent 2,199 yuan. "The factory activities straight down 200 yuan, and enjoy the internal staff purchase price, a total of 400 yuan cheaper." He said, is the same inverter air conditioner, energy efficiency two to three expensive than 500 to 1,000 yuan, and hanging Air-conditioned state subsidies up to 300 yuan, "calculated, or three-level inverter air-conditioning is more cost-effective."

“From a sales point of view, air conditioners with energy efficiency of three or more levels account for the bulk.” A salesman stated that many customers feel that the price of energy-saving products is too high and they have little interest, so they are mainly recommending three levels for customers. Energy-efficient products.

There are few subsidized models available, and the subsidy price is still high. In another store, a certain brand of air-conditioning counters, a variety of machines hang out the "back to the present" label. The reporter saw that one of the two types of energy-efficient hanging air-conditioners bearing the label “Energy-saving Products Benefiting People's Works” had been marked with cashback of 540 yuan, and the price was 4199 yuan. Promotion staff told reporters that this 540 yuan has included 240 yuan of state subsidies, and the other 300 yuan is a factory discount. Then he recommended to reporters a three-level energy efficiency air conditioner with a price of 2799 yuan, and said that this air conditioner can be straight down 340 yuan, more affordable. The reporter found that most of the counters are air conditioners with energy efficiency of Class III and above, and they all have "back to the present" labels. The discounts are all over 200 yuan.

In another well-known brand air-conditioning counter, the reporter did not see the products bearing the subsidy logo. Sales staff said that the price of air conditioners that can enjoy subsidies is more than 10,000 yuan, which is too expensive, and they started recommending third-grade energy efficiency products to reporters. In another counter, only one product can enjoy the subsidy, but the sales staff said there is no spot. "Air-conditioning subsidies range from 180 to 400 yuan, but the basic 400 yuan are cabinet-type, the price is more than 10,000 yuan. Calculate down the strength of the offer is not large." She bluntly.

Reporters saw in a brand of water heater counters, only two products affixed with a subsidy logo, a subsidy of 300 yuan for a gas water heater, the price is more than 3,000 yuan. The price of other products that the brand does not enjoy subsidies is mostly around 1,000 yuan.

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