Design and implementation of wireless LED information release system

I. Overview:

The traditional LED display modifies the display information by directly connecting to the computer, so remote real-time updating of the screen information cannot be realized, and a networked information distribution system cannot be constructed.

The wireless LED information release system adopts a new way of updating screen information, based on GPRS/CDMA wireless network technology, providing a universal RS-232 interface, LED multimedia information display and distribution system for mobile data transmission platform, in a fixed place, mobile A wireless LED electronic display terminal is installed in the facility to realize the networking control of the LED display. Whether it is an ordinary text screen or a large screen image screen, remote information real-time updating can be realized through the wireless information terminal. Regardless of where and how many LED displays are placed, the system's master center can publish information to one or more specified screens accurately and instantly. The wireless LED information distribution system greatly enhances the flexibility and real-time performance of the LED display as an information display carrier to release information, and plays a role in expanding its application.

Second, the scope of application

As a new information release carrier, the wireless LED information distribution system has a wide market and use, and can be widely used in industries, departments such as government, commerce, transportation, catering, construction, tourism, sports, transportation, and the like.

The LED display can also be used for independent wireless networking within tourist attractions, group companies, and units, thereby realizing multi-level, cross-level, and level-level wireless information distribution systems.

Third, the system structure

The ZWINFO telematics system consists of three parts: a central control computer, a wireless communication terminal and an LED display. The system schematic is shown in Figure 1.

In Figure 1, the golden yellow is the ZWINFO information release system product of Shanghai Zhengwei Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

The display screen is set at each remote location where information needs to be released, and each display screen is configured with an information distribution terminal, and the information distribution terminal communicates with the central computer through SM or GPRS. When using GPRS mode, the terminal is connected to the INTERNET Internet through GPRS. At the same time, the computer for publishing information is also connected to the INTERNET network through various lines such as dedicated line, ISDN, ADSL, dialing, etc. Through the communication connection of the Internet, the central computer can Through TCP/IP and centralized display of data transmission and distribution, regardless of whether the display is placed in the same city or the same area, you can centrally distribute cheap information in the management center to realize unified management of information release. And maintenance.

The system can facilitate real-time information release in different regions or on multiple displays.

Fourth, the functional characteristics:

No wiring other than power supply, saving material and construction costs

No time, region, or climate restrictions, screens can be placed anywhere

Management Center remote information update without any on-site operations

Remotely modify screen parameters and update screen information

The update speed is fast, the information can be modified at any time, and has obvious advantages compared with the on-site modification.

Information update can be unified for all screen operations, or for any one or several operations

Low operating costs, no post-use costs compared to manually modified information

The publishing software can save the published information and the publisher information, which is convenient for querying and convenient for system maintenance.

Unified management, maintenance, and maintenance efficiency of all screens, reducing maintenance costs

The whole system is more controllable and reliable, giving full play to the efficiency and superiority of the system.

Provide other required functions by modifying the software

Five, equipment technical parameters

The outline of the ZWINFO remote information publishing terminal is shown in Figure 3.

The interfaces and parameters of the remote information publishing terminal are as follows:

Power interface: DC 5-16V;

SIM card interface, 3VSIM card;

Antenna interface

LED interface, DB9 female interface;

Input and output control interface, RJ45 interface;

MICPHONE interface;

Power consumption: 0.1-2W.

The parameters of the asynchronous graphic control card are as follows:

Applicable range monochrome / double primary color

Scan duty cycle 1/4

Maximum control point 124K (K=1024)

Horizontal maximum point 1280

Vertical maximum point 96

Storage capacity comes standard with 512KB (maximum customizable 1MB)

The clock shows

The serial shift clock only supports 16 points and 1 CK.

Clock frequency 11MHz, 5.5M, 3.7M, 2.8M

Field scan frequency >90Hz

Power supply 5V

Six, software description

The central management software of the ZWINFO remote information distribution system is a server software that interfaces with the monitoring terminal for information distribution, terminal control, terminal management, and information management.

The central management software runs on the server of the monitoring center. The computer can connect to the Internet in various ways. The information receiving terminal establishes a TCP connection with the server through the Internet, or communicates directly through the GSM SM. In this case, you can use Zhengwei number. ZWMODEM-SM wireless short message transceiver terminal.

The central management software mainly completes the management and control functions of multiple display screens, and edits and stores the display data. At the same time, remote control and remote data collection can be performed on all terminals through the software.

The central management software also completes the functions of information storage and management, terminal management, and information timing update. Timed publishing can be set for information publishing points.

Information release and status control can be performed on multiple terminals on the same central software.

The interface of the center software is shown in Figure 4.

Figure 2 Remote Information Publishing System Software Interface

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