Mobile phone address book "string door" is not difficult

In the past two years, smartphones have become popular. Some enthusiasts and even an iPhone with a left-handed Android right hand may have a Nokia (Saipan) that can lick walnuts. There are more mobile phones, and the accumulated telephone numbers for many years have become a "difficult problem". It takes a few hundred dollars to go to the mobile phone store to guide the data. In fact, after some simple settings on the smart phone, the address book data of several mobile phones can be "sequenced" with each other.

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Many security software installed in smart phones already have the "cloud backup" function. The following identification brothers choose three common mobile security software: 360 mobile guards, Tencent mobile butler and NetQin security, demonstrate how to achieve through these software The address book "cloud backup". The test object is to identify 411 contacts and 733 SMS messages in the brother's mobile phone.

Step 1: Install the software registration account

First of all, you should install the corresponding version of the software on several mobile phones, and you need to register the account before backing up. Among the three softwares, 360 mobile guards use the mobile phone number, NetQin uses the mailbox, and Tencent mobile phone housekeeper uses the QQ number as the account number. In contrast, the mobile phone number is simple to enter and easy to retrieve the password; the QQ number is also very convenient, and many people can keep it in mind.


Step 2: Select backup data

After registering the account, we can select the data that needs to be backed up. After installing three softwares on the mobile phone, the identification brother found that 360 mobile guards support backup address book, mobile phone text messages, privacy contacts, and some settings of users in the mobile guards. NetQin Security, Tencent Mobile Manager supports backup communication. record.

Step 3: Start the backup

Let's start the backup below. Everyone wants to back up the address book and hope that the information is complete, and the shorter the time, the better. After restoring the data to the Symbian phone, the information is complete and can be seen at a glance. As for the data backup speed, using the WIFI wireless network, the identification of the brother handheld stopwatch 3 tests found that the three software backups back up the data to the cloud within 1 minute, and the three software are one-click backup, the operation is very easy.

Step 4: Download data from the "cloud"

Below, you can use the same account to log in on the Symbian phone, and find the corresponding recovery address book function, download the data backed up to the "cloud" to the local, cross-platform cloud backup is completed.


Some users may worry that so many phone numbers and text messages will consume a lot of traffic? After testing, 411 contact information was backed up. The data packet exported by 360 Mobile Guardian was 5.92KB, the NetQin data packet was 25KB, and Tencent was 36KB. The traffic consumed is negligible.

For security, users can also set a 6 to 12 digit password for the address book. Of course, if the combination of numbers and letters is more secure.


Conclusion: All three softwares can back up phone contacts

The address book "moving", the user's most hope is how much to "move" and then "transport" back. After backing up the mobile phone address book, the identification check revealed that 360 mobile guards and NetQin are compatible, and Tencent mobile housekeeper missed 56 contacts with only email addresses. In addition, NetQin has a problem of duplicate backups, of which 52 out of 411 contacts are backed up repeatedly. In general, all three software can fully back up phone contacts.

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